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01 Jun '16


Offset Print: What is it and when should you use it?

A few posts ago, we discussed digital print and the benefits and limitations in comparison to traditional offset printing. Today, we explore the world of offset printing by explaining the process and how understanding this method can help you make … Read More

01 Jun '15


Part 2 – Business Tools we can’t live without: iCal

Going Paperless: Paying homage to printed stationery whilst embracing the digital revolution

As primarily print designers, we appreciate more than most the aesthetic of beautiful stationery in boutique office spaces, around the home and in our very own creative … Read More

24 Oct '14

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What is digital printing and why do I need to know about it for my design project?

Let us explain in easy to understand terms.

So you are thinking of developing and printing a brochure or business cards or some flyers, but you don’t quite need a huge quantity of them and your designer or printer mentions that … Read More