Brand Strategy & Identity

Friend in Me

Friend in Me has been on a mission to create a world where every child feels included. This not-for-profit passion project hopes to create a long-term ripple effect into the teen and adult life of children, ensuring no child is left behind and making inclusion a priority.

We felt honoured to help bring this heart-centred brand to life. Established in 2018, the original brand identity, whilst effective in start-up phase, no longer served the new direction for the organisation and we were approached to take the brand to new heights.


So how did we go about it?


Deep Dive 
  • A client brand questionnaire was completed
  • Clarity of mission, vision, purpose and target audiences achieved through an in-depth brainstorm and brand strategy session
  • Online research
  • Customer personas developed to clarify diverse ideal target audiences (there were 3!)
  • Persona descriptors included names, genders, ages, marital status and went as deep as understanding their interests, their fears, where they spend their time and so much more
  • Research into similar NFP organisations to ensure that Friend in Me was differentiated and positioned as a serious contender for future corporate sponsorship
  • This allowed us to clearly understand who we were designing a brand for, and to ensure that all customer segments were considered during the design and proofing process
  • Once the customer segments were finalised and building on the brand strategy session, this information was used as the basis to begin initial concept designs and visual mood boards
  • Logo development of three entirely different concepts using diverse fonts, colours and brand elements
  • Following presentation, concepts were then refined and amalgamated, colours and fonts adjusted to reach the final approved concept
  • The logo has since been applied to a wide variety of applications including stationery, merchandise (which will be available for sale soon), signage, their new website and more

I know that this just doesn’t happen overnight. It happens with lots of research, brainstorming and skill. For that I will be forever grateful.

Louise Larkin, Chief Inclusion Officer – Friend in Me


We are so beyond proud of Louise for driving this mission that has a huge positive impact on the lives of so many children. The feedback of the re-brand has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have definitely felt the love!

If you’d like to develop your brand strategy and brand identity with our team, give us a call on 03 9112 5833 or contact us.

p.s – If you would like to donate to Friend in Me, go to their donation page here or you might consider your child’s next party with a covid-safe virtual zoom party by clicking here!