Product Manuals / Catalogue

International Paint

International® Paint is an AkzoNobel owned leading brand of protective coatings. The project required us to produce two sizes of their company product manuals / catalogue.

We custom developed and designed a large size product manual casing, with the client scope requiring it to be professional, durable and functional. The casing was to include ring binding, which would hold information on each of International’s extensive ranges of industrial paint products. Following an extensive prototyping process, the product manual binder was developed with frosted polypropylene and wrap around enclosure with 4D rings.

Artwork for the insert pages were supplied by the client, and required layout modification to adapt to the size of the new casing. Custom tabs were also designed and printed to divide the 400 printed page inserts, which were then collated into each of the manuals.

The small version of the product manual required us to design the cover, print and finish with wire spiral binding and clear acetate cover.