November 3, 2018

A look back at one year in our studio.


The year that was

Do you ever sit back in awe of what’s happened in your life during a certain time?  

We’re in that position right now.  

Pinching ourselves that it’s already been twelve months since we moved ideapro into our studio in Keilor East.  

We went through big changes in 2017, working with more clients than ever and soft launching new services. Looking to the future, we could see the potential in what additional services we could offer our clients. However the business was bursting at the seams; we needed more people, we needed more space and we needed to breathe. 

 Moving the business to a dedicated office space – a place we could call our own – was the logical next step.  


New beginnings

 After settling into our new digs and bringing on board new staff, we were ready for action. 

The biggest change and our greatest highlight for the business over the last twelve months is being able to meet clients and prospects face to face. In our own studio; not a café or at their office.    

Our marketing clients appreciate being able to leave their office space to come to our studio for monthly marketing review meetings. Physically away from their own office, they have the ability to think about their business in a broader context rather than in the day to day details.   

Simply having the physical space allows for ideas to flow.  

Being able to have face to face discussions, where conversations often lead to alternative ideas, is immeasurable.  

mitten vinyl meeting ideapro

The studio has allowed our business to evolve from one-off graphic design and printing projects. We’re thrilled to have met with new clients who were seeking 1:1 ad hoc marketing and design consulting support as well as our ongoing monthly ProPackage clients. Being able to assist clients who were feeling overwhelmed by marketing and all the ideas in their head, and organise it all for them whilst steering them in the right direction has been so rewarding.  

“I would recommend ideapro as our experience has been very good with assisting us to get more organized, be better planned, and execute our marketing plans more professionally. We found the team to be accommodating and they have delivered a quality service.”  

Matthew O’Keeffe, AkzoNobel, Regional Marketing Manager Asia


Our whole team is involved in planning; the whiteboard has been a worthwhile investment! Sitting around the table and nutting out a client project or campaign or tagline or brand, so that we can provide the best solution and produce the best work for our clients has been so positively received.   

amanda & anthony_brainstorm_ideapro

The future looks bright!  

Right to our core, we knew, we just knew, that moving into our own studio was the right step for ideapro.  

Some highlights for the year include: 

  • Working with marketing consulting clients who are able to choose marketing strategy, planning and graphic design services in a given month, up to their selected number of hours. Building trusting and long-term relationships with these clients means we know their business intimately. We are their outsourced and dedicated marketing and design team. We are their partners. 
  • Developing a comprehensive marketing plan for an established business seeking to expand and possibly sell in the near future. 
  • A full re-brand of all customer touch points including logo identity development, tag line development and brand positioning
  • Writing copy for an increasing range of client marketing material
  • Building relationships and working in our local community within a commercial centre with lunch and coffee options at our door.  

You might think that after the huge year we’ve had that we’d be happy to sit back and relax. But that’s not our style.   

Right now, we’re planning for next year. We’re working out how we can serve our clients even better. How we can evolve once again and provide you with an exceptional experience. The future looks bright!  

If you would like to know how we can help with any of our  services, or if you’d like to pop in for a cuppa, be sure to get in touch with our team.