Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Marketing Coaching

Lalirra Skin


Lalirra Skin is an Australian-made, 100% cruelty-free, and natural skincare brand that aims to help women feel seen and comfortable in their own skin.

The team approached ideapro for brand strategy, brand identity, and ongoing marketing planning and coaching / mentoring support to help them build the foundations of a successful brand.

The steps in bringing this brand to life included:

  1. Research & Internal Brand:
  • After an initial understanding of our client’s long-term goals, we helped them establish their brand mission, vision, values, and purpose, and formulated a solid internal brand compass.

2. Brand Strategy:

  • A strategic analysis of their target audiences, creation of personas (three in total) and a deep dive into their interests, behaviours and pain points was completed.
  • A competitor analysis was undertaken to gather information on similar key market players and any marketing opportunities were identified to help Lalirra Skin reach their audiences in a differentiated way.
  • Building on the above, as well as a result of workshop sessions, market research and discussions about product offerings with the team, we developed their unique selling proposition (what makes them unique) as well as a positioning statement.

3. Brand Identity:

  • Our brand identity process includes researching potential competitors and market leaders in the industry to ensure we understand the visual position of the market, and so we differentiate and stand apart.
  • Brand colours guided by the client and our team have given Lalirra Skin a fresh, unique, and bold visual identity.
  • A logo that resonates with strong feminine energy and a custom-designed ‘sun’ brand element were designed, with a strong focus on nature, with the sun being a source of life and all things natural, a key pinnacle of the brand.
  • A style guide and social media assets, along with collateral including postcards, a mailer box, stickers, and product labels, were also designed to ensure brand consistency across all customer touchpoints.

4. Coaching and Mentoring:

  • A strategic support coaching program was implemented with tasks to be done during pre-launch, launch, and post-launch periods.
  • Monthly coaching sessions were scheduled with our marketing strategist, Rosie, to maintain the team’s momentum and focus
  • Accountability check-ins and ongoing support to the team was and continues to be provided

“You have been such a support and wealth of knowledge for us in the process. Really could not have done it without you and the look of our brand is so damn beautiful.”

                                    Rachele & Tina, co-founders, Lalirra Skin

We took immense pride and pleasure in bringing the Lalirra Skin brand to life.

As a result, we have achieved the beginnings of a cohesive, clear and inviting brand with a consistent visual identity.

Lalirra Skin has recently launched their brand in October 2022 and we look forward to seeing the roll out and results over time.

If you’d like us to develop your brand strategy and identity or need a hand in the marketing and communication planning and implementation for your business, Contact us.