E-Module: Product Brand Identity Development


E-Module design and build modular switch rooms for industrial clients which provide significant electrical service and resources. It is a subsidiary of Freightquip, a long term client who are Australian distributors and service providers of freight handling equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.   

ideapro were asked by Freightquip to create a brand identity for their new product offering within their business. The product name E-Module was created by combining the word E-rooms and the modular concept. Having also worked with the client on another of their sub-brand’s Data in Trans, demonstrating our ability and knowledge in translating their overarching brand into more divisions.    

E-Module’s customer are traditional, with the branding needing to reflect trustworthiness and experience while displaying elements of innovation and modernism. Our client preferred the design to be minimalistic and consist only of their product name, deciding upon a custom modular typeface promoting the nature of the product.

Following completion, the Freightquip management team was pleased with the final result and looks forward to applying it to a variety of supporting marketing, sales and product material going forward.  

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