May 15, 2018

Q&A: Introducing Amanda & Gianna to ideapro

To welcome both Amanda and Gianna to the ideapro team and so you can get to know them a little more, we asked them a few questions about themselves.
Amanda Corica – Marketing Executive

amanda_ideapro_newteamAmanda has over twelve years marketing and client management experience, working in marketing roles at financial institutions, member organisations, not for profit organisations and in management consulting. Her experience includes marketing planning and strategy, campaign development and execution, social media and copywriting, and she uses many of these skills with our clients at ideapro.

Gianna Blundo – Marketing Assistantideapro_newteam_q&a

Gianna is one month away from completing her Bachelor of Business (Marketing Degree), with her favourite subjects being Marketing Communications and Service Quality. She supports ideapro’s client and internal projects, volunteers as social media manager for her sporting club and also works as a social media coordinator for a catering company. Previously she has worked as a marketing assistant within an entertainment company and the hospitality industry.

What do you enjoy most about working at ideapro?

Amanda: “No work day is the same! I might spend the morning in a team brainstorming session developing taglines for one client, followed by writing website copy for another client, then jump on calls to both new or existing clients to talk about new projects.

I find that clients are very appreciative of the great work we do, and we want our clients to feel like we’re an extension of their teams, supporting them to achieve their best. I love how the ideapro team has developed a trusting and welcoming culture, where everyone is encouraged to bring their ideas to the table. I have also embraced and appreciate ideapro’s flexible working hours.”

Gianna:  “I enjoy how much I get to learn. Everyone is encouraging and they continue to help me develop current skills and add new ones within the marketing and business realms.” The variety of work I get to be involved in is great as no day is ever the same!”.

How do you feel you bring value to our clients?

Amanda: “I take time to get to understand the clients and develop tailored marketing solutions to help their business grow (or solve their pain points!). I am highly organised and have a keen eye for detail.”

Gianna: “As well as providing support to the ideapro team and clients, I believe I have a bunch of new ideas to share and help collaborate with the team sharing insights from amazing mentors I have had in the last year, and from my university studies this year.”

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Amanda: “Spending time with family and friends, and planning family holidays. A weekend away from the usual hustle and bustle can be as reinvigorating as a holiday for a few weeks/months.”

Gianna: “I have two subjects left to complete before graduating so study is high on the agenda.  I am also a cheerleader for the RMIT University Redbacks and voluntarily run their social media and any marketing campaigns during orientation.”

What are 3 words your friends would use to describe you?

Amanda: “Organised, honest and giving.”

Gianna: “Busy, loud, supportive.”

What is your favourite brand?

Amanda:The Wiggles. While staying true to their core reason for being, they have reinvented themselves over the last 25 years and continue to be loved by parents and children all over the world. Their ‘reunion tours’ where the original members perform 18+ gigs are testament to the long-lasting impression they’ve made on so many people.”

Gianna: “My favourite brand (at the moment) is ‘Glassons’. I would never consider walking into that store four years ago and now it’s the first one I check. They have revamped their style whilst maintaining their pricing and have taken basic clothing to a whole new level.

Personally I think they’re ahead of the game in terms of social media marketing. They take huge Australian and International social influencers around the world to photograph their line, and then create competitions so you have the chance to enjoy the same experience their social influencers have.

Furthermore, they use their platforms to gain attraction by employing discount codes with their name. They also do smaller competitions utilising actions and hashtags, such as comment first with their hashtag #glassonsfirstminute to increase their engagement and reach rates. It’s amazing to observe what they are doing from a marketing perspective.”

What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

Amanda: “Despite the fact that I loathe the cold, I went on a one week husky safari in Lapland where the temperature was -5oC.  There were 5 people in our tour group and each person had their own sleigh with 6-8 husky dogs. We rode our sleighs each day for up to 5 hours, stopping at remote cabins in the wilderness. It was undoubtedly my favourite holiday of all time and one I hope to repeat with my family in the future.”

Gianna: “That I am a cheerleader. I represent RMIT University in a few competitions a year including Nationals. Yes, there are pom poms, bows and a lot of make-up but the sport is challenging and fun. As well as chanting for RMIT, I get to perform some amazing skills. It’s a really dynamic and vibrant sport and I am grateful for being introduced to it in my first year at university.”

If everything in your house had to be one colour, what colour would you choose?

Amanda: “Blue. It is a calming colour and reminds me of summer: blue sky and blue water.”

Gianna: “Grey. I know it’s usually a shade that most refer to as boring or dull but it goes with everything as much as black and white does. My bedroom is all grey and white, and I wear grey on grey more often than I should admit. My favourite version of the shade is charcoal grey – it’s slick, cool and edgy.“

For what are you most grateful for today?

Amanda: “The sun is shining.”

Gianna: “To have access to amazing technology and to be able to watch the world evolve and experience it at the same time. We always think about how amazing the future is going to be and what technology will be invented then, but I believe the future is now.”

Amanda and Gianna will be working hard to ensure our clients and the ideapro team continue to stay creative, professional, trusted and assist with your success.

Please warmly welcome them to the ideapro family!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

To get to know our team further and to allow them to apply their diverse skillsets into your work, be sure to get in touch with our team.

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