September 8, 2014

Why work with a graphic designer?

1) To improve your chances of achieving your sales or marketing goal.

Normally when you approach a designer, it’s because you have a problem to solve.

  • You may need to create a new brand identity for a new business or product line to launch
  • You are looking to release a new product to your target market and need to communicate
  • You want to promote your capability as a business overall to introduce yourself to new prospects
  • Insert your own goal here!

If a designer or their project manager, asks the right questions at the very beginning through the briefing process and interprets them correctly, the final piece of artwork that you receive should confidently speak the language of your business and fittingly reflect your brand. Great copy and quality images should also be part of the mix. This, together with you adding your own expertise to the sales process, effectively designed marketing tools should assist you in achieving your goals.

2) Because designers have studied the building blocks of design.

Professional graphic designers who have spent years studying and working with clients to hone their craft, consider the incorporation of the building blocks of design into every single client project.

This includes the elements of design: Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Texture and Colour. It also incorporates the principles of design: Balance, Proximity, Alignment, Repetition, Contrast and Space.

It can be easy to look at an effective piece of design and jump to the quick conclusion that it looks ‘simple’ to put together. Or, I can get my assistant to pull something together like that.

The reality is that much thought, experience, research and skill is at play when design looks effortless.
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Tweet me ‘ Much thought, experience, research and skill is at play when design looks effortless’

3) It saves you and your team time, stress and money.

Sure, you can ask your team member to spend time in Microsoft Word mocking up a flyer, but if their expertise is in administration, office management or another valuable skill, why not leave them to focus on what they do best? The stress of designing a brochure for example can take the focus away from your team member’s core role and where they bring the most value.

The time to fix errors when using either your own team member or an inexperienced designer can be costly, particularly if you have gone to print without an adequate proofing process. Why not trust a skilled designer from the start to achieve what you want, with minimal risk of wasting time and saving on added costs. 

4) Designers have a natural eye for creativity and see your business through fresh eyes

You know what you want to communicate and achieve, but you aren’t sure about how to go about it. Rather than racking your brain for ideas, or googling till the wee hours for inspiration, speak to your designer. Chances are they have heaps of inspirational ideas, waiting to be tapped into for your project.

As they sit outside of your business and are not as emotionally invested, once you share your vision and brief with them, designers will just inherently ‘know’ the direction to take. If you are working with a designer that has understood your brief and is a great creative match to your desired style, they will create artwork that delivers exactly what you’re after.

Often a designer will come up with inspiring ideas and see the path to achieve your goals in a different way than what you imagined. If done well, this can result in a design that creates both impact and is an effective original voice for your brand.


There are plenty of other awesome reasons to choose to work with a designer. To find out what they might be, get in touch on +613 9944 0845 or

Creatively Yours, Rosie & Anthony @ IDEAPRO

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