Brand Identity / Logo

Environmental Technologies Group



Free of harsh chemicals and acids, Environmental Technologies Group manufacture cleaning products which are non-toxic and non-caustic, making them a safe solution in any environment. Their range of biological products under the Ecogreen brand, uses naturally beneficial bacterial strains to accelerate a natural process to provide a quality solution with an environmentally beneficial outcome for their clients worldwide.

ideapro were commissioned to design a new logo to replace the original company logo which had been in use since the company was established 15 years prior. They required the new brand identity to be more in line with the current direction of the business with a push towards having a strong marketing focus whilst building upon a brand recognition strategy.

We were also required to ensure that the logo represented their offering as an organisation. The globe reflects their international presence and the leaf and dots identifying a combined scientific and natural manufacturing approach to green cleaning products, targeted towards growth in the Asian market in particular. The client wanted to be proud to present this logo to their clients and we are pleased that following completion, the logo was then rolled out across a wide range of corporate sales and marketing collateral.