Promotional Product Flyer

International Paint | AkzoNobel

International Paint is one of the leading brands for protective coatings which branches from the global paint and coatings company, AkzoNobel.

Ideapro were asked to create a promotional product flyer for their South Asia sales team, to encourage both face to face client interactions and product information sharing through a tangible flyer. These flyers are also used in their online sales and marketing activities. The project was undertaken by converting existing email marketing campaigns which we also created, into product flyers.

We assisted with copywriting, editing and graphic design, adhering to strict branding guidelines in terms of colour, graphic elements, layout, and tone of voice which ideapro carefully considered. Flexibility was given to explore new colour choices within the guidelines and we incorporated new dynamic images to both support the product and branding of the flyers.

Re-purposing existing content and applications into another sales tool and application is a clever way of leveraging your marketing and sales activities.