Trade Advertising

Fortis Adhesives & Coatings


Fortis Adhesives & Coatings are a specialist adhesives and coatings company based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in the manufacture and supply of premium industrial adhesives, and specialty floor coatings and required advertising to be developed.

ideapro were engaged to write the copy for and design a new advertisement promoting their AD5205 Polyurethane Wood Glue, focusing on it’s features and benefits. The advert was to appear in a trade publication, Supplier Woodworking, Design + Materials + Technology magazine which is distributed to the woodworking industry to the likes of Cabinetmakers, Kitchen Manufacturers, Kitchen Designers, Furniture Manufacturers, Designers, Shop & Office Fitters, Joiners, Fabricators & Custom Builders.

Advertising in trade publications is a great way to release a new product to market, reinvigorate an existing product line or simply get your brand in front of clients and prospects.

The advert copy was written with an intent to generate enquiries, sales and brand awareness. The design concept and layout was then created using high quality product photography, striking headlines and featured selling points, using colour and font selection to tie the branding together.