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Pav's Bar & Grill

Pav’s Bar & Grill is a new American BBQ style restaurant that is now open in Sunbury, Victoria. Inspired by smokehouse cooking, we collaborated with owner’s Joe and Josh in establishing a branding identity for their new steakhouse.

Delving deep into their brand values, we explored how the duo wanted to share their love of uniting family and friends through low and slow cooking, offering a unique dining experience to their local community and surrounds. Throughout the entire brand identity process, we were inspired by the passion and commitment of Josh and Joe in the creation of their brand, and the result is a warm and welcoming ambience, which will inspire you to come back for more.

Through thorough research of local and overseas smokehouse restaurants, the inspiration was then translated into a logo that we developed and identify as a ‘the welcome stamp’. Using this aesthetic, we then applied this concept consistently across a variety of applications.

The Results

  • A brand identity synonymous with American style BBQ and culture
  • Alignment of their brand to a standard and dietary preference menu
  • A cleverly crafted brand story ready to use across website, socials and PR activity
  • A social media strategy and photographic mood board, including themed content pillars and post ideas to inspire future content creation (which they can DIY or outsource)
  • Social media posts with branded menu generating organic reach in excess of 20,000 views and 6000+ engagements (and countless bookings).

We could not be prouder of our friends and clients on their achievements so far and investing in their branding journey with us, in what is truly the most challenging time known to us all in starting a new business.

If you are in Melbourne, we invite you to please support Pav’s Bar & Grill by visiting and enjoying one of Josh’s delicious signature BBQ dishes.

What makes ideapro unique is their ability to extract all our different thoughts and ideas and translating that into an identity that resonated to the core of who and what we are.

Joe Pavia – Pav’s Bar & Grill