Product Labels

Fortis Adhesives and Coatings

Fortis Adhesives and Coatings provide standard and custom-made adhesives, coatings and membranes for various applications within the construction, automotive, marine, furniture, retail and other more industrial markets.

In the weeks following COVID-19 hitting Australian shores, like so many businesses, Fortis had started to see a downturn in sales. At the same time, Phillip Arena, Managing Director, identified an opportunity to pivot their business into the new territory of health care and diversify his offering in a big and *oh-so-much-needed* way.

With the demand for hand sanitiser skyrocketing virtually overnight, and much of it out of stock and unavailable during those early weeks, production of this product was much needed. The opportunity to repurpose existing machinery to manufacture hand sanitiser was identified by the Fortis team, and the project needed to move quickly to meet the urgent requirements of frontline health workers and hospitals.

Fortis required initial packaging labels designed in under one week to get this project off the ground and of course we were on board.

We developed designs for both the gel and liquid hospital strength TGA versions in 500ml, 5Ltr and 15Ltrs. Inspiration was taken from the features and benefits of the product, the final end user and of course maintaining strong brand consistency to the regular Fortis product offering, before deciding on final concept design.

With over 40 years of experience, Fortis is now the exclusive supplier of hand sanitiser to three Melbourne hospitals and has since donated 4000 litres to various hospitals and frontline health workers.

How impressive is that.

A big ‘thank you’ to Fortis Adhesives for making such a big change in these times to help protect us all. We are so proud to have partnered with you on this project.

The team went from concept to print ready in record time, to allow us to launch the Fortis Hands’ range of hand santisers. Amazing!

                                                     Phillip Arena, Managing Director, Fortis Adhesives and Coatings