Safety Campaign

GPC Asia Pacific

GPC Asia Pacific has four main Business Units with the most well-known being Repco. As one of Australasia’s 25 most recognised brands, and the most recognised automotive consumer brand, Repco supplies the automotive aftermarket through both retail and trade channels. With various other business units including Ashdown-Ingram, McLeod Accessories and Motospecs, all well-respected suppliers to the motor vehicle and motorbike trade, GPC Asia Pacific is a powerhouse in the automotive parts industry.

Our videography & marketing support partner, Visual Production Agency, approached us to collaborate on a Safety Campaign for GPC Asia Pacific, as they planned to develop safety training videos. However in order to do so, GPC Asia Pacific required a branded theme in line with their company and safety vision, to roll out as a campaign across various marketing applications.

We were engaged to develop the campaign name, and underwent a detailed process of research, brainstorming and mind mapping, and after various iterations, we arrived at Moving Safety Together.  Following the agreed name, we commenced designing the brand identity, and went through a thorough process of concept development and design to the completed version, which encompassed the core areas of movement and teamwork across all levels of the organisation.

To ensure the GPC Asia Pacific safety team were consistently communicating the safety message in all their interactions, stationery was developed including a Word template and powerpoint presentation. A pull up banner was also produced, again in line with the campaign messaging, which will be used at presentations and events as required.

Finally, an annual wall hanging safety calendar highlighting key monthly safety themes, together with special events throughout the year was designed and printed. These will be hung in high traffic areas including kitchenettes and warehouse spaces. This will ensure the company’s safety message is always at the forefront, in full view for their teams to read and engage with and ultimately promote their message of Moving Safety Together.